Belt Buckle Knife

Functions, bottle opener and an all purpose knife, perfect for self defense.
Knife buckles: 2 options both have a satin finish, total length of knife buckle 160mm (blade 80mm).
1. 304 stainless steel (not hardened) more durable, won’t stain and is not brittle keeps an “ok” edge, available for 40mm & 32 mm belts.
2. 12c27 knife steel (hardened to 59 rockwell), brittle, can stain if not kept clean and dry, keeps a very good edge only 40mm belts.

Leather Belt

Belts are cut from 4mm genuine tanned, dyed cow hides (no bonded leather).
Concealed sheath on the inside of the belt.
Belt colors dark brown or black.
Size up to 48inch 120cm, larger belts special order, best is to measure a belt in use, from the hole in use to the end (including buckle).



40mm Money Belt

Has webbing pouch, zipper on the inside
Belt has a 600mm long web zipped pouch to conceal/hide money
With leather ends



40mm Belt Buckle Knife (not hardened) with colour finish, total length 160mm, functions bottle opener and/or an all purpose knife, perfect for self defense.


40 or32mm Buckle with Round nose available (flight safe)
As an extra buckle when flying.

Self Defense Driving Knife/Boot Dagger

Held on steering wheel
Comes with a slim sheath
ideal Boot Dagger
304 stainless steel (not hardened)
Satin finish.
Visible to “smash and grabbers”
Index finger hole so hand cant slip onto blade, total length 200mm

Neck Knife

Hangs upside down in a tight sheath around your neck for quick and easy access.
Handle African hardwoods, blade dagger grind, hardened knife steel